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About Allma

ALLMA by Allmicroalgae is a Portuguese microalgae brand that sells supplements and naturally nutritious and healthy food products.
Allma seeks to promote a high nutritional value and tasty diet, encouraging an active, sustainable and balanced routine and lifestyle. In this way, it seeks to contribute to the food market with naturally unique and sustainable algae, such as Tetraselmis chui (excellent salt substitute), Spirulina, and, above all, Chlorella vulgaris in the organic, smooth, yellow, and white varieties, perfect for the most diverse food recipes and moments of your day. These last 3 microalgae are totally different and unique in the market, due to their attractive color and neutral flavor!
They are recognized as a natural and complete food source, of high quality and nutritional value, rich in vegetable protein, fibers, essential fatty acids such as omega-3, -6. and -9, and vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B12 and Iron. They are certified as Non-GMO, free of pesticides and additives, and even free of allergens such as Gluten, Lactose, Nuts.
The microalgae by Allma are cultivated in a sustainable way by Allmicroalgae in Portugal (EU), where they grow naturally in the sun, being processed and distributed to the whole world, either in the form of concentrated biomass or in the form of dehydrated powder. They are produced in an ecologically efficient and controlled system, with monitoring of growth parameters in real time, guaranteeing their high purity, safety, and unique nutritional profile.
Allmicroalgae - Natural Products SA, is considered the largest European producer of organic chlorella, and focuses on offering the market in microalgae solutions of sustainable cultivation and high quality, being certified for Organic Production according to the European Regulation (PT-BIO-03), Quality Management System, Food Safety, Environmental Management and Safety and Health at Work, Halal, Portugal Sou Eu, GMP+FSA and more recently GMP and Kosher, having thus become a world reference in terms of microalgae of premium quality, food security, and innovation.

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