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Why Tetraselmis chui

Tetraselmis chui is a single-cell marine microalgae, belonging to the Chlorodendraceae Family, that since 2013, has been approved as a Novel Food, in the European Union (EU). Nutritionally similiar to Chlorella, this natural green colored microalgae with a marine herbaceous flavour is recognized as a healthy source of salt.
With a recommended maximum daily intake of 250 mg, Tetraselmis chui has been introduced into the modern culinary world by the Michelin chef Ángel León, also known as "El Chef del Mar" and owner of the 3-star Michelin rated restaurant  Aponiente. In fact, it's use as condiment has stood out for its culinary versatility and its creative use in the kitchen, which has ranged from marinades, risottos, mayonnaise, cakes, bread or even salty ice cream. 
Discover Tetraselmis natural unique properties and benefits:
✓ Avant-garde Cuisine Condiment: The incorporation of ocean flavors in conceptual cuisine has been applied at the level of international haute cuisine. In Spain, several restaurants with 3 Michelin stars, such as Aponiente, Quique Dacosta, Cenador de Amos and Azurmendi, have used Tetraselmis chui as a key element in several dishes and menus (Pérez-Lloréns, 2020). 
✓ High culinary potential: Tetraselmis has been used for the formulation and confection of breadsticks, broccoli soup, wheat bread, cookies, tortillas and gluten-free bread. Overall, a good perception and acceptability have been pointed out to the developed products (Batistaa et al., 2017; Lafargaa et al., 2019; García-Segovia et al., 2020; Cristiana Nunes et al., 2020; Israel Hernández-López et al., 2021; Muhammad Qazi et al., 2021).
✓ Nutritionally complete super condiment: Rich in Protein, with the all the essential aminoacids, dietary fibres, and a low fat content. Tetraselmis chui contains a vast array of minerals, phytochemicals, such as chlorophylls and carotenoids, and vitamins - Vitamin C and E -  with a interesting antioxidant capacity (Pereira et. al, 2019; Sandgruber et al., 2021).
✓ Performance Booster: Daily supplementation of 25 mg of Tetraselmis chui, during thirty days, demonstrated potential to improved ergospirometric and haematological values, in sportsmen (Toro et al., 2020).

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