Why Tetraselmis chui

Tetraselmis chui, a unique condiment. Tetraselmis chui is such a special food condiment that it is used by Chef de Haute Cuisine all over the world. A microalgae naturally green unicellular marinebelonging to the Chlorodendraceae family, nutritionally similar to ChlorellaHowever, it has a distinctive taste and herby marine tasteand is also recognised as one of the healthiest sources of salt.

But what makes Tetraselmis copia such a unique food condiment, and one of the big trends in haute cuisine around the world? To begin with, it is a truly sustainable and healthywith incredible versatility and creative culinary potentialIt can be used in marinades, risottos, mayonnaise, cakes, breads and even savoury ice creams. On top of all this, it contains incomparable nutritional properties, as it has a low fat content and a High concentration of vegetable proteinand because it is Source of all essential amino acidsof Dietary fibre and also a wide range of minerals and phytochemical compounds, such as chlorophylls, the carotenoids and vitamins C and Ewhich give it excellent antioxidant capacity - characteristics tested and approved as a Novel Food by the European Commission in 2013.

All of this makes Tetraselmis chui a truly unrivalled condimentand means that regular consumption of Tetraselmis chui Recommended daily supplementation of 250mg - can start a real revolution in your life. on your diet, your well-being, your health and your lifestyle.

Tetraselmis chui powdered mood

Tetraselmis chui by Allma. All the Tetraselmis chui present in Allma products originates sustainable and responsible cultivation and production from Allmicroalgae, Natural Products S.A., which guarantee a truly premium quality. Our Tetraselmis ch ui powderproducts, as well as our Vegan crackers, which also contain this microalgae, are perfect for a snack or to give a special healthy touch to your culinary creations, thus making your diet and lifestyle even more balanced, healthy, natural and sustainable, and even improving hematological and cardiopulmonary performance in the case of athletes and sportsmen, by the surprising presence of the most powerful antioxidant enzyme Superoxide dismutase (SOD).

Accept our challenge Go Green, Go Clean, Go Allmaand join in this revolution with the taste of our Tetraselmis chui.

Unique natural properties and benefits of Tetraselmis chui

Haute Cuisine seasoning
The incorporation of ocean flavours into cuisine has been applied at haute cuisine international level. In Spain, several restaurants with 3 Michelin stars, such as Aponiente, Quique Dacosta, Cenador de Amos and Azurmendi, have made use of the Tetraselmis chui as a key element of various dishes and menus (Pérez-Lloréns, 2020).

High culinary potential
Tetraselmis has been tested for the formulation and preparation of bread sticks, broccoli soup, wheat bread, biscuits, tortillas and even gluten-free bread. Overall, good perception and acceptability have been pointed out for these products (Batista et al., 2017; Lafargaa et al., 2019; García-Segovia et al., 2020; Cristiana Nunes et al., 2020; Israel Hernández- López et al., 2021; Muhammad Qazi et al., 2021).

Nutritionally complete super condiment
Rich in Proteins, with all essential amino acids, dietary fibre and low fat content. Tetraselmis chui contains a wide range of minerals, and phytochemical compounds, such as chlorophylls and carotenoids, and vitamins - vitamin C and E - presenting an antioxidant capacity interesting (Pereira et al., 2019; Sandgruber et al., 2021).

Performance Booster
Daily supplementation of 25 mg of Tetraselmis chui, for thirty days, has demonstrated potential for improving haematological and cardiopulmonary effort values, in sportspeople (Toro et al., 2020; García et al., 2022).

With a maximum recommended daily intake of 250 mg, the Tetraselmis chui was introduced into modern cooking by Michelin chef Ángel León, also known as "El Chef del Mar" and owner of the 3 Michelin-starred restaurant Aponiente. In fact, its use as a condiment has stood out for its culinary versatility and its creative use in the kitchenwhich ranges from marinades, risottos, mayonnaises, cakes, breads or even salted ice cream.

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